Wednesday, January 27, 2010

IKEA Tromso Bunk Bed Review

We're really tight on space here in our little 2 bedroom home. Our daughters share a room, and now that Ellie is ready for a bigger bed (currently in a toddler bed) we determined we would go with bunk beds.

Though I greatly prefer the look of a traditional or mission style wood bunk bed frame, I quickly realized that would eat up a lot of space in their little room and turned to IKEA for ideas.

Purchased the Tromso Bunk Bed a few weeks ago and have to say we are super pleased.

The metal frame is really streamlined, and the muted steel grey is far more attractive than the primary colored or white metal tubular bunk beds I'd seen. And the frame is really unobtrusive, doesn't look like a hulking bed in the corner of the room.

It is definitely a 2 person job to get it loaded up and home. Because it is not 2 separated beds, the pieces are huge. It comes in 2 packages. One ginormous one that is the bedframe itself (head and foot ends, and side rails) and a smaller one that is the base that you put down under the mattresses. I have a minivan, and if I had no kids with me, it would have been an easy fit with all the seats down (way back and middle). Ellie was with me, so it was precariously balanced between the captain seats in the middle row, which was less than ideal. Big package is also like 150 lbs., and - again - it is the full height of the bed so it is awkward and cumbersome.

It should be a 2 person set up job, as well, but it is manageable alone (Michael was working late so I tackled it myself) and I had it done within 2 hours.

Cons: The ladder is straight up and down and metal so not super comfy for Char as she clambers up every night. We end up carrying them to their room anyway, so not a huge issue, but definitely a consideration, especially if YOU will be clambering into the top bunk as an adult.

The beds are spacious - el has lots of room on the lower bunk to move about. It feels very sturdy, though I am not sure how it would hold up if it were disassembled and then reassembled multiple times, though we have had great luck with another IKEA bed that we bought on Craigslist and reassembled at home - it held up very well.

Price was about $179 - quite a great deal, and the girls love it. I'm giving it a big thumbs up, especially since we have tons of floor space in their bedroom now (and even picked up a cute green IKEA rug to fill the space!)


Theresa said...
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logist said...

Hey Amy,

It's S$269 on ikea's website at

was there a sale or something??


Caroline Louise said...

what mattresses did you get to go with the tromso bunk bed? just about to purchase for my 2 kids...

Phillips Family said...
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mom4ca said...

Be Careful. I just got this bed two weeks ago. My husband went to clean the top bunk off because the kids spilled something and he leaned over the rail not on the bed and the guard rail snapped. i have to deconstruct the bed and take the piece back to ikea, they can't ship that long of a piece. on top of this I had the conversation with customer service about how my kid could have leaned on it and it pop off...UHHH. Becareful

Florence said...

Whatever you do, please please please check under your childs mattress. I have had this for a few years, and noticed that the metal panel meshing had not only broken, but in some areas where it separated, it caused what appears to be friction sparks and left burn marks on the frame and the mattress. This is with just normal use. I filed a complaint with IKEA last night.

Peter Baker said...

ive got 2 sets of the white tromso bunk beds , and 1 of our sets the bed guard welding has broke, so now is dangerous to use, ive tracked my ikea transaction on my bank statement but dont have the receipt, have tried phoning them for over 2 hours and left waiting without anyone picking up the phone, so hoping they are going to reply to my email instead.

kk Lau said...

Peter, the same just happened to our bunk bed. the welding just broke off. now the top bunk has no railing and cannot be used. was your case ever resolved?

ptrparker said...

just sent this to Ikea...


I purchased an ikea tromso bunk bed for my kids a while back and my 9 year old currently sleeps on the top (about 70lb's) and my 4 year old sleeps on the bottom. I noticed that there is a lot of sag in the upper metal frame and also noticed that the welds of the metal grates that support the mattress are broken. Over 50% of the welds have become disconnected, I have pictures below. I am concerned that my daughter will fall through the bed and the metal frame will injure my 4 year old on the bottom bed. I noticed that this model was discontinued. Do you have a new frame that you could offer as a replacement or a solution to correct the safety issue?

your quick response is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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