Friday, June 25, 2010

Super Chill Zero Calorie Sparkling Water (From Jewel Osco)

So it is a bit tricky to locate information on this - it is the generic brand produced by  SuperValu grocery stores, which includes many Jewel-Oscos in the Chicago area. (SuperValu acquired Albertson's which had acquired Jewel.)

Anyway. Stumbled upon their sparkling water - which comes in tasty flavors - black cherry, cranberry-raspberry, white grape, and more! - at my local Jewel recently and I'm hooked.

I don't always like the SuperValu/Albertson's store brand products, but this one is awesome!

0 calories, sweetener is sucralose, and about $0.79 - $0.99 for a 1 liter bottle. (also available in smaller bottles, 4 packs) In the aisle with water.

(This isn't the sparkling water, of course, but you see the logo)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sonia Kashuk Lip Crayon (Target)

I have some of the Sonia Kashuk makeup brushes, and I have to say that I really like them a lot. Mind you - I am not a total make up girl and am in fact pretty clueless.

When I saw the lip crayon the other day, however, I got really excited. For a good long time I used a lip matte stick from Origins and loved it! Until they discontinued my color. And then I didn't like having to go to the department store to get it (kids ruin everything). And it was $13.50. BUT it did last a long time.
I grabbed this Sonia Kashuk lip crayon and loved it. It wasn't as matte as the Origins stick, but it felt good, looked great - good color selection (for me, but I lean pretty neutral). And it was $7.99. 

Cons: I feel like it wears off somewhat quickly, but if you layer with other lip products you will be in pretty good shape. Also, and related, it is high maintenance - you need to sharpen it every couple of days as it wears through pretty fast.

Good in a pinch, but I think next time I am at the mall I'll just hit the ol' Origins counter and find a new color.

Update: Bounce Dryer Bar

Thumbs up from me!

I still used a little softener in the wash - maybe like 1/3 to 1/2 capful and then the rest of the cap with water, but it was mostly because I really started to dig the blended scent of the Bounce bar and the liquid softener.

Definitely a great scent (outdoor fresh), and lasted the full 2 months, just about. (Heavy laundry with spring cleaning and a potty training, occasional pants-pee-er). The bar wears down and you'll see when you need to replace it.

Who doesn't like yummy smelling clothes? Go get one - you're sure to like it!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bounce Dryer Bar Review

 Have you guys seen the commercials for the Bounce Dryer Bar? Clearly, I have, and if I can swing it and feel like shaking things up, I'll pick up anything with an appealing commercial.

Currently we use Up & Up liquid fabric softener from Target (their house brand). Love the scent, totally effective, and no need to spend the dough on Downy. We have softener sheets on hand, too, but don't use them as much as we use the liquid softener.

Anyway, I picked it up on a lark the other day, and Michael installed it last night and ran a load of laundry. From first use, I have to say the clothes came out smelling fresh and non-staticky.

However, the proof will be in the pudding as we see how long it lasts...It is supposed to last about 4 months, and an indicator on the bar will let you know when to replace it. I'll update this post later as to the longevity of the product, but for effectiveness, I have to say it seems to do the job.

IKEA Tromso Bunk Bed Review

We're really tight on space here in our little 2 bedroom home. Our daughters share a room, and now that Ellie is ready for a bigger bed (currently in a toddler bed) we determined we would go with bunk beds.

Though I greatly prefer the look of a traditional or mission style wood bunk bed frame, I quickly realized that would eat up a lot of space in their little room and turned to IKEA for ideas.

Purchased the Tromso Bunk Bed a few weeks ago and have to say we are super pleased.

The metal frame is really streamlined, and the muted steel grey is far more attractive than the primary colored or white metal tubular bunk beds I'd seen. And the frame is really unobtrusive, doesn't look like a hulking bed in the corner of the room.

It is definitely a 2 person job to get it loaded up and home. Because it is not 2 separated beds, the pieces are huge. It comes in 2 packages. One ginormous one that is the bedframe itself (head and foot ends, and side rails) and a smaller one that is the base that you put down under the mattresses. I have a minivan, and if I had no kids with me, it would have been an easy fit with all the seats down (way back and middle). Ellie was with me, so it was precariously balanced between the captain seats in the middle row, which was less than ideal. Big package is also like 150 lbs., and - again - it is the full height of the bed so it is awkward and cumbersome.

It should be a 2 person set up job, as well, but it is manageable alone (Michael was working late so I tackled it myself) and I had it done within 2 hours.

Cons: The ladder is straight up and down and metal so not super comfy for Char as she clambers up every night. We end up carrying them to their room anyway, so not a huge issue, but definitely a consideration, especially if YOU will be clambering into the top bunk as an adult.

The beds are spacious - el has lots of room on the lower bunk to move about. It feels very sturdy, though I am not sure how it would hold up if it were disassembled and then reassembled multiple times, though we have had great luck with another IKEA bed that we bought on Craigslist and reassembled at home - it held up very well.

Price was about $179 - quite a great deal, and the girls love it. I'm giving it a big thumbs up, especially since we have tons of floor space in their bedroom now (and even picked up a cute green IKEA rug to fill the space!)

One year later...

That is in the voice of the narrator from Spongebob.
Been really neglecting this blog, but have lots of stuff to update with, so expect some reviews over the next week or so.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel Disks

I received these disks for free through a BzzAgent promotion for the Scrubbing Bubbles shower cleaner. I just put one in the toilet yesterday, and I have to say, I can't speak to the cleaning aspect yet, but our bathroom smells really good, way better than usual. Not like it usually smells bad (well, sometimes, you know, of course it does) but it actually smells really good, fresh and clean.

Will keep you posted...